New scheme to promote greater equality in music.

Raise the profile of
women artists

with a musical programmation that highlights and encourages
diversity by showcasing emerging
scenes throughout France;

artistic creation

Facilitating a professional approach to creation through workshops on writing, composing, independent creation and musical production, as well as playing music in groups.

With time to deconstruct the prejudices surrounding these practices so that they can be circumvented, and to boost women’s confidence so that they feel legitimate and find their place.

Supporting the development
of artistic projects

To support artists in a caring way on specific issues, questions and gaps concerning the development of their careers (knowing your entourage, how to create a network, how to find partners, how to finance your project, what your rights are) and their projects, and to meet the great demand for information on these bases, we will be offering a series of workshop modules to be guided in your project.

Increase the presence of
women in live music.

Facilitating the technical and theoretical tools for a better understanding of the world of live performance, through workshops led by female technicians and other professionals in the sector. The idea is to provide role models, embodied by these women, and to demystify and combat stereotypes about technical mastery as being the preserve of men. The workshops will focus on sound engineering, studio practice, stage management, show technology and touring artists.